Vacations season

LyubovL posted 23rd of July 2010 in . 27 comments.

Dear customers!

Summer is the usual season for vacations, and some of the BoonEx agents and developers are taking vacation at this time. Please, don't be upset if your requests are not promptly answered. Feel free to contact other agents, and we will be glad to help if you have any urgent issues.

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Woo Hoo!
Vacation time!
As we all hate to have our lives slow down because of our vacations, We have to take them! If not, Then what the hell are we all working for!LOL

Enjoy the vacation!

(I'm on vacation all the time in my mind!)
Nathan Paton
Have fun.

inb4 "How dare you take a vacation!", I'm sure.
To all BoonEx agents, developers, moderators, members, good or bad, I wish you all a lovely summer vacation :-)
For the bad members, may be it gives your brain a refreshing time to turn good :-)


Greetings from the Philippines
I am sure this is not the best place to put this question through but seemed the only appropriate place I could put it. I have just bought a 90 day license from Boonex using PayPal (about 15minutes ago). I selected you as my agent coz of the good reviews you had. My question long does it take before I get the license?

Please, pm me to solve the problem.
Enjoy your holiday. You deserve it.
So happy holidays
Nathan Paton
@themaestro: Have you checked your licenses page under your account?
Yes I have. I will check again
I only get a blank page :(
"don't be upset if your requests are not promptly answered" ?

No different from any other time then really. What requests exactly can we... well... Request? I've never been able to get any help from Boonex whatsoever, it would be good to know what you do actually help with as I might be able to get somewhere with you then.

We have a lifetime license, yet we appear to have no support whatsoever or no-one we can contact for technical support. We ask in the forum, and you'll maybe get see more one reply out of 10, and even then it's never from anyone at Boonex.

No doubt I am clearly doing something wrong...?
I suppose its to do with the right channels. Just out of curiosity. how long has it taken other members to get their licenses?
You're probably right. What's the procedure for "getting a license" I think when I got mine it was instant pretty much (this was ages ago now though)
@themaestro - Try using a different browser such as firefox. I have see reports in the forums that some people have had problems with the license page not loading properly in IE.
I knew this was coming. Never fails.

Thanks for the heads up

@themaestro I concur with deano92964, try a different browser
I need help installing my iphone app which I purchased 2day ago.. Help..
Nathan Paton
I suppose people should be reminded that the blogs (especially comments) are not the place for support. If you have a question, ask it in the forums. Just because a staff member posted a new blog, doesn't mean it's become a Q&A session.

Yes, I know about above.
RE: "Please, don't be upset if your requests are not promptly answered."

Don't worry....... we're used to it.
and so putting many of us on endless vacations, just kidding. ...Happy Holidays ..., but worry we do a little bit. No accidents and illnesses please.
Thanks for helping out. I did try using FireFox and it worked. I can finally start playing with the ad-free version. Should be fun.
Urgent my ass. I don't think there is such a thing as urgent here is there? If there is I must have missed it. Everyone needs a vacation granted, but don't try to bull shit us with the urgent word. Maybe use timely or something. I thought you folks were working on dolphin 7.0.3 day and night 24/7 just the other day. Now you are all on vacation. Good for you, like I said everyone needs a vacation but don't bull shit us and tell us you are busting your tails when you are sitting on a beach sipping see more on a margarita or something. You guys aren't going to put a donkey or dolphin up in one of those parasail things are you that everyone in the news was complaining about for publicity stunt or something right? I hope not.

Take a week or 2 off from this stuff, soak up some sun, get drunk, whatever. When your done let us know you got your bearings back and are serious about dolphin, your members, and aren't going to bull shit us anymore.
This post is mostly for customers who need support to let them know they can contact any other agent to get the issues solved. Not all the BoonEx staff on vacations, some of us.
Oh, and according to Unity rules: 7.5. Please keep your language clean and decent. This includes personal inflammatory language as well as obscenities.
I think it's time to give up. I've already been down this road with another 'community project' and wasted several years trying to finish a project. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! There's nothing worse than a man whose word is worthless....

5. Trident
We have some news in Trident department too, and plan to post them for Premium members in about a week.

a week after vacation(s)?

Happy vacations...
Agents: Happy Vacations....

Other Members:
Contact me. I will be glad to help with your issues.
@SkyForum - are you saying that you are throwing in the towel on Boonex? You and I have had our differences, but you are one of the people operating a "real world" site and I have notices more and more of those people seem to be bailing here. From what I have read here over the past few months, it really does seem like Boonex has lost interest in D7.
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