Omnidate: Clarification and a Special offer!

LyubovL posted 8th of October 2010 in . 5 comments.


OmniDate's Virtual Dating platform is a Fully hosted solution and its services are not free. Do not miss a Great SPECIAL OFFER from Omnidate for BoonEx customers - 60 % OFF! Hurry to get an activation key!!!

Download Virtual Dating integration, install it and contact Ravit to get this very special discount!


As we already announced, ( Virtual Dating from Omnidate is now available for Dolphin.

The BoonEx Dolphin team has integrated Virtual Dating into Dolphin, and this integration is offered for free here at -

You can download and install... it will be added into Dolphin as an additional, 3rd party module.
To activate Virtual Dating, you need to contact Omnidate at


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One-time set up fee: $499
Virtual Dating Application, starting at $249/month

That is the pricing I see.
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