Virtual Dating from Omnidate available for Dolphin now!

LyubovL posted 23rd of September 2010 in . 20 comments.

Dear friends!


Exciting news!!! Virtual Dating is now available to all BoonEx Customers!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with OmniDate, the creator of a plug-in, Virtual Dating Platform. You can now offer virtual dating to your members by downloading the app at:

OmniDate's Virtual Dating platform is :
- Fully hosted
- 100% web-based
- Easily and seamlessly integrated into any dating and social networking site in a matter of hours 
- A seamless experience to your users


Note please. The Omnidate integration was developed by BoonEx and is offered for free but to get an Omnidate license you need to contact

Ravit Abelman at:
Skype: Ravit.Abelman
Phone: 416-623-7445

Get more information, a quote for your site, and/or your activation key.


Useful links:

Technical integration:


Client Resources :

User Experience:

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Sound awesome and going to check it out, sounds fun for members since I have a dating site. Thank you..
Are you taking the p*ss?

Why not fix the core product rather than introduce another integration which is probably not going to work properly like the rest of the platform!

Sheez! And next you'll tell us it was this addition which caused 7.0.3 so long to get released.
Nathan Paton
@zigojacko: That time of the month?
Is ridiculous posting as free and not to be free.
I dont mind pay, but i mind if they think i am stupid fish and i will eat the bate

Anyway i look now for adult Virtual Dating is anybody know something please pm.
Nathan Paton
@adultnet: They're not trying to decieve you. The reason why such offerings (third party modifications which require payment outside of Unity) are marked as free is because they don't have a system in place which supports such circumstances. Hopefully they'll realize this and rectify the issue once and for all.
@ adultnet

Is ridiculous posting as free and not to be free.
I dont mind pay, but i mind if they think i am stupid fish and i will eat the bate


agree with you to many poepl on the market to this two they say is free and when you start doing the form or something you have to pay
LOL, free or not, who the heck wants to use something like this... We will be having Virtual sex next and not bother with the real thing....

Get out there and meet real people instead of all this virtual crap... Reminds me of that other stupid money making thing, what its called now.. Or yeah, second life.....

Worlds gone mad!

Nathan Paton
@tyke: You seem to have forgotten that the sexual fetish industry in Second Life is booming, and not just in Linden Dollars. Have you seen some of their games over there? They have scavenger hunts for whips and collars, with a lot of people participating in the daily hunt.

It seems for a variety of reasons, people do want to have virtual encounters. I believe fantasy plays a big role in the reason why.
Is there any virtual sex dating like omni but adult ?
If yes i please give me link.
Nathan Paton
@adultnet: I imagine there are quite a few. I recommend doing a search. I'll see if I can find any, too.
There are a lot of good programmers here that do good solid work, I should now, I have purchased 60+ so far. The mod developers are not the problem, the core of BOONS#&T is the whole problem. Buying the license, struggling for a year to launch, versions never completed, empty promises, and more and more hype. Utilizing the internet platform since 1991, I have come across my share of less than stellar, but this takes the cake. When you pay fr something, and expect it to be used in commerce , and see more find out it is nothing more than a high school project, that is pathetic. So for the newest mod
Easily and seamlessly integrated into any dating and social networking site in a matter of hours
Sure, that's what the sales pitch said to entice purchase of the boonex bomb, give me a break! Fix one darn version to perfection already.
@Magnussoft i searched but with no luck, i found only affiliates to advertise with banners :(
LOL at the way this topic is going..... In the old days you used to get the men in the white coats paying you a visit for talking to your virtual friend, now its hunting for virtual whips and dog collars to put on your virtual friends so you can have virtual sex... teehee....

Run for the hills, all hope is gone :-) ROFL
Half of the current generation developed their linguistic skills in a chat room and by text messaging.... now they're going to develop their interpersonal skills in a virtual world. Some day 'The Matrix' will be a reality.
Nathan Paton
@houstonlively: Are you sure it doesn't already exist?
Well for giggles, i am gonna try this out.. BUT I cant seem to get it to work right,.
Hm ... $99/month and a setup cost of $199 is too expensive for me :-(
Nathan Paton
It may just be cheaper to setup a commercial property on Second Life.
How to install this?
Please, PM and describe all the issues you are having with the installation.
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