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Yes!! First of all, don't kick me off here.. I am not 19 years old..I am only 17 years old. I am just in search for learning more things in life. I love to learn things. And yes! Wow.. a 17 year old teenger is managing a social network.. Yes! To see that not only adults can do it. I am just learning more and more. and just trying to have fun. I am not an expertize. I am going to be soon.. cause am going to study either to be an Environmentalist or to study Computer Science, i.e. programming and stuff like that. :)... Am not new to this stuff. I been a member on boonex since i was 13 or 14.. I dont recall. So ... hi again..!! DON"T KICK ME OFF BECAUSE AM 17.. Its not fair... :)... Thanks...!! jejejejjeje! Am just a random teen who does random stuff every day... :)

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This young guy is very knowledgeable and very willing to help in any way he can with regard to Boonex modules. He was certainly a great help to telling me how to install Visuland on Dolphin 7.0.7

Many thanks

Hi kids

You are awesome, you will be going where you want to be. I believe so. It is cool you contact me and I willing to work with you, if I can do anything to help I would.

Have a great weekend.
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