There are a lot of good programmers here that do good solid work, I should now, I have purchased 60+ so far. The mod developers are not the problem, the core of BOONS#&T is the whole problem. Buying the license, struggling for a year to launch, versions never completed, empty promises, and more and more hype. Utilizing the internet platform since 1991, I have come across my share of less than stellar, but this takes the cake. When you pay fr something, and expect it to be used in commerce , and see more find out it is nothing more than a high school project, that is pathetic. So for the newest mod
Easily and seamlessly integrated into any dating and social networking site in a matter of hours
Sure, that's what the sales pitch said to entice purchase of the boonex bomb, give me a break! Fix one darn version to perfection already.
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