HostForWeb is now offerring a Shared RMS for all Dolphin users.

LyubovL posted 1st of February 2010 in . 23 comments.

Our partner HostForWeb has recently announced they're now offerring Shared Media Server (or RMS) for Dolphin 7 and Dolphin 6.1.6 as well. If you are a Dolphin user who has a Shared server from HostForWeb, you are now able to offer all Flash apps (Ray) widgets to your site members: chat with Audio/Video options, A/V Messenger , Whiteboard and Video Recorder, contact the HostForWeb Account department and request a free Media Server (RMS) support.

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your link HostForWeb goo to not for
Nathan Paton
I noticed the same. Any reason why you are using the wrong affiliate link, LybovL?
Nathan Paton
I gave myself a negative for misspelling your name. Apologies, LyubovL. Still, the question remains: is HostForWeb indeed owned by HostGator, leader of the evil web hosting empire, who rules side-by-side with the dreaded Arvixe and Cirtex?
They have affiliate accounts with so many bad hosting companies it's hard to keep them straight haha.
Can you confirm by providing your personal experiences that "so many companies" listed on the boonex hosting page are bad?
Sorry, my was corrected.
I'll stay with But good luck to you all.
what about
I'm heading this way....
Magnussoft No hostforweb is not owned by hostgator.
Nathan Paton
Billabongrob, I am well aware of this. You have obviously failed to grasp the meaning of my comment.

Also, Newton27, I am hosted with Media Temple. And that's as far as I will go, since this is not the place to ask that question, nor answer it.
We have been using HostForWeb for many years, and every once in a while we'd try somebody else, including big names as MediaTemple. We sitll stick to HFW, for the value. It is possible to find better support, but for WAY more money, and i mean a LOT more. As for network speed, hardware and software, there's not too much of a difference. They all use major US Tier1 datacenters.

So, in our "poweruser" experience HFW is not bad at all and we do recommend them for that very reason.
see more"Our partner HostForWeb has recently announced they're now offerring Shared Media Server (or RMS) for Dolphin 7 and Dolphin 6.1.6 as well."

To be "the web hosting company for Dolphin," it sure did take them a long time to finally get their own RMS going : - /

Can we advertise our services in the blogs section now? I've seen things for Arvixe and HostForWeb in the past 2 months. I guess that would have to be approved by Boonex first along with an affiliate payment plan.
Can anyone tell me who's better Arivixe or Hostforweb? I'm currently using Arivixe and not very impressed. I noticed the site goes down a lot. The site is not down for a long time (1 -4 minutes at a time) but it happens a lot. Any feedback would be appreciated.
aeustudios, please send an email about this to support so we can take a look into it. I'm not sure how often you are experiencing the 1-4 minutes of unresponsiveness but it should definitely not be regular. shows our overall uptime with the most number of monitored sites (individual servers) monitored by besthostratings. Furthermore, do note that we also do have the BusinessClass which provides a more stable/reliable service as less users are see more placed on a server.
AEStudios, hands down HFW is better on all fronts.

Support: True 24/7 suport from HFW
Honesty: HFW does not promise unlimited bandwidth/disc space and then lock you out of your site because of CPU usage.
Equipment: Arvixe is a re-seller, HFW owns the Datacenter. That means it's HFW employees standing in front of your server, not someone from a 3rd party company you don't even know.
Buck, I have to disagree with you, my experience with HFW has shown repeatedly they are worth every penny plus some that I pay them to handle my servers. Uno has severely understated how great HFW is in the support/equipment arena.
Arvixe, as I'm typing this message, my site is down again. Like I said, in the last post, my site is not down for a long time but it keeps happening. BTW, I'm on a business-class account. You guys informed me that I was using too much CPU usage and told me to go business class.
Took them 5 hours to set up my shared hosting account. All that is at my site is a paragraph of string errors. They said the host they put my account on is experiencing issues. I think I am going to cancel my subscription and get a refund.
I am referring to HostForWeb.
guys : UNDERSTEND : to run a website at decent parameters U NEED AT LEAST A VPS OR A DEDICATED !
This is not true. I had VPS at HFW and it was slower than the shared hosting account I moved to (JoomByte). It was so noticeable that I decided to test the two servers side-by-side before switching to make sure I was seeing it correctly. I just couldn't believe a VPS that they fine-tuned was still that much slower than a shared hosting account. To be sure, I measured the load times of 22 pages on both servers at three different times through out the day. HFW lost all three comparisons. They are see more quick to reply to inquiries, but the quality of their responses is not very good (50/50).
Hostforweb's shared SUCKED for me, their techs couldn't tell me anything about anything. Plus I was constantly getting locked out of my own cpanel because they were blocking my IP?? They could never explain it they would just unblock it. Not to mention the hackers that were running rampant. The only thing I know about Arvixe is that they have had a lot of complaints on here. A LOT.
Hey well look at their link for HFW:

Notice the "aff.php?aff=001" .....

There you are .....
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