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================================== I am a Leo, King of the Jungle and also King of Good Times. So don't go for slaves and jokers. Come to the really Royal King, if you believe in Living Life King Size.. Agar aap, * 98% Akele Hai . * 92% Tension me hai. * 58% Mushkil me hai. * 86% Dukhi hai. * 57% Kisi ko dhoondh rahe hai. Then kindly add all the aforesaid numbers.. and just give a miss call, all the problems of ur life will surely come to an end... Ek sawal sorry call aapki zindagi badal sakata hai... ================================== Friendship is what I am looking for and Friendship is what I am willing to offer... So if your Dil Mange More, and wants to Enjoy a lot, and if you Have grown up 4 Chirag, then Mail me back and mail me soon, as Life is very short, but only company of cool ones can make it hot.. So Hit at the Right place, at the right time. Your time starts now!!! Trust me, My Lips don't lie.... That's it. Looking for a quick and positive reply and nice friendship. Take good care of yourself. Bye for the time being sake. Sweet dreams. See me in dreams.. Laughing Question Question ================================== Interest & Hobbies : ================================== My hobbies are unlimited, 2 specify some of them : * Meeting New-New people and making lots and lots of friends, * and helping them to the extent possible, * Using creativity at its best and using 100% of human brain, * Talking ( I can talk on any topic unlimited, that too without boring ) * Shopping, preferably female, ( No one beats me in selecting & bargaining , u will really enjoy shopping with me). * Writing(Except ur exam papers, everything is most welcome.) * Astrology, * Reading people and their mind and predicting their past, present, future, Panditji u see. * Dancing - Mujhe Maya (Dil to Pagal hai wali) ka nach dekhana hai..., * Driving Gals and Bike, Car Crazy...but safely too, Ek galat mod aapki zindagi badal sakta hai... * Exercising (16 Inch Biceps is my aim), Advance Booking for gr8chirag is open gals.... * Partying Hard,(After such a tight schedule u need that man....) * & last but not the least * Making people laugh, as I believe in this world it is very easy to laugh, but very difficult to make people laugh, so wanna laugh a lot then what you are waiting for !!! Laughing ================================== Favorite Music & Artists : ================================== :: Music :: * Kishore Kumar, * Md. Rafi, * Lata Mangeshkar, * Asha Bhonsale, * Mannadey, * Mukesh... * Sonu Nigam.. * Amitabhs fast tracks, * All old gold songs.... ================================== :: Artists & Characters :: ================================== * Shinchan - I am more naughty than him, when i speak..His dubbed voice & expressions are class. * Mr. Bean - His fundas and ideas and acting is unbelievable and above imagination. * Amitabh - When he was young, after comeback i dont like his movies...hey kya....fact bolata hai... * The King Khan - for his spontaneous sense of humor and self belief and kkkkkal ho na ho.. *Shakira - She dances the best - Her hips don't lie & My lips don't lie.. *Jim Carry - His expressions are hard to copy & last but not the least. *Chirag Kothari - How I can forget to take my name, I am full masala mix bollywood & Hollywood movie of all the above. ================================== Favorite Books & Authors : ================================== :: Books :: - My daily diary of Hisab Kitaab... - All people writing at are the best authors and my favorite too..are u the one? Idea

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