Problem upgrading

Simion posted 10th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.
I hae recently upgraded to the Ray 3.1 and all was fine until I applied the Hot Fix.
When I installed it the mods would not register with license's.

 I reinstalled the Ray 3.0 and only a couple of them will register.
Any advice?
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Sinion, we have had some issues with the licenses on our back end. So, we have fixed that and everything should work fine now.

Please check your licenses again and report back the results. I think there willbe no problems.

Thank you so very much for the reply. I hope your weekend was well.

Everything is working like a charm now. I reuploaded ray 3.1, reinstalled... and everything registared just as it should

I will keep my eye open for anyone else having issues and help them resolve it, or notify you promply so we can assist these members.

ok, Scratch that.
The wigdets are all registered just fine, but will not connect to my server.
I have checked the ray 3.1 media server and it is running fine, I have all setting correct, but the widgets are not connecting to the RMS, most likly my own mistake. But I have not been able to locate the error
ok... round 3 .lol

I got the RMS 3.1 started, and everything is connecting. ( as far as I can tell)

The issue is everytime I get it started, the ray re-writes the intergrating.js in the ray/global/js folder.

So it will only show the Base in there and not the chat, im,audio,desktop... etc

I have the chat up and running with cams now off my RMS, but scared to add the rest in. I checked the file permissions and the folder was rewritten to a CHMOD of "0" .. I have corrected see more that and made it 755. But again, scared to add the IM, Video, Desktop.. etc back to it because it made the RMS loose connection last time I made that change.

Simion, im not sure BUT i think that you will need to make a new post - bcs i think that due to the hectic schedule of Boonex team they do not re-check a post to which they have provided an answer.

I may be wrong - and I apologize if I really am - but that is what i have noticed so far.
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LOL !!! I think you'll find the solution to the LATEST PROBLEM your self ! =D
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