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Please folks beware of this fraudster. He will take deposits of you with no return policy. Pleasse read his T & C. Once the deposit has been paid he will keep in contact with you promissing to complete and making excuses but nothing. I have been ripped of public sector money. The proceeds from the site was supposed to fund shanty towns and we begged and pleadedwith him but no joy. Still not had our money returned and no work on the site. He has profile on odesk, associated with a company see more called developeronline. i even told him that i had been wripped of before and he said you've got no worries with us. turnsout hes the worst kind of criminal. Since i have reported him to the as well as instructed debt collectors in Texas. Please be aware of these fraudsters.
There is no such thing in our TOS! We deliver a product that we are hired to do. If the client adds onto this project then we need to charge more. This is exactly what happened here.
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