Error's with ray 3.1

Simion posted 7th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 8 comments.
I am assisting someone with their dolphin install and I am trying to register their Ray.

 Like many here I am getting the "Wrong License Number" message..
but also, when you click on Base updates and click on "update" you get this message:

" Wrong Version Specified, Refer to the product vender"

Is there a fix for this? I am thinking that it is one small error in the base somewhere that is causing this, not on the boonex server side, but in the base.
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Hello Simion,

Was this an upgrade, or a new install from scratch ?

Just a FYI, You are not able to update the base from the base window.

If you did a new install with 6.004 , just ignore what is being shown on versions etc, as it comes with the latest version
I know, doesnt sound right, but that is the way it is.
I have just posted an update to this and some other omissions which has been found. We have already released a HotFix. See my post above for more details.
i got the message that the widgets are not registered, all i did was clear cache and refresh the chat and it worked. i guess it stores the licenses in the cache
hi! can anyone pls help me check my ray installation? I've installed 6.004 but im not sure if my ray is integrated because my widget is saying NOT INSTALLED in one website and ERROR LOADING in the other. Do I need to edit something in ray after my installation? Is there a way to see a SHARE and SEND MESSAGE icon in the view member profile page? Would appreciate some help. Thanks.
Did you find the answer for this.... I am having the same issue.....saying NOT INSTALLED.
oh I forgot. I can't open the Ray Suite in admin panel as well
Hey guys!

I installed an unlimited licensed version of Ray A/V Chat on my site, but when I click the link it just says "Loading..." forever and sometimes it changes to "Connecting..." but never does connect. Anybody know what's up with that?
I installed the latest version of Dolphin and RAyfree and it ray didnt work at all.i reinstalled everything and ALL is working fine except for a minor problem with the pictures that dont show up,but im working on that.
Thanks a lot to MRProwless for his help,you guys at boonex should employ him ...
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