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Ultimate Referrals


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Version: 2.1.2

Added: 21.04.10

Updated: 22.01.22

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, affiliate, invite, friends, modzzz, invitation, referral, recommend, promote

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

The Ultimate Referral is a plugin that will certainly play a great role in boosting your site membership.

This provides various mechanisms for members to invite others and track their referrals. This is a sure-fire viral method that can exponentially increase your sign-up rate.

You can also use this tool to help promote your site by allowing your members to participate in Referrals Contests


Block showing the Top referring members.


Referral link provided. Members can paste this link in external blogs, chat rooms, forums etc.

Block that shows the member their latest referrals that signed up.


Optional Auto Membership Feature which allows site administrators to offer membership upgrade or extension in exchange for referring members.
If Auto Membership is configured in Upgrade Mode, the admin can assign the amount of Referrals needed to attain a particular membership level.
If Auto Membership is configured in Extension Mode, the admin can assign the amount of Referrals needed to extend a particular membership level.


Members can promote the site via a Referral Link or Promotional Banners (if made available by Admin)


Tracks all referrals made by a member.

Members can send a custom message with Invitations.

Top Referrals feature that shows the members that have made the most referrals.

A referrals center to display Members Referrals, New Referrals since last login and Pending Referrals

In addition to tracking referrals that have joined, members can track their Pending Referrals and optionally send Reminders to those persons


Fully integrated with our Points Module and allows members to gain Points from the Referrals they made.

You can allow your members to gain Points when the Referred member signs up and you can also allow your members to gain Points when the Referred member upgrades to a paid membership.


Admin can upload and manage Banners that members can use as Promotional Material

Admin can configure this so that New referrals that join are Automatically added as Friends of the Inviting member

Referral Statistics feature that allows Admin to view statics for Present Week, Present Month and Present Year

Statistics can be filtered by individual member or shown for the overall member base


- Auto add referral as friend (on/off)
- Allow members to send a custom message with Invitations
- Allow members to send invitation reminders
- Number of Invitation reminders to send
- How often to send reminders (days)
- Turn Points integration on/off
- Turn Auto-Membership on/off
- Set type of Auto-Membership (upgrade or extension)
- For Auto-Membership, configure when new membership start (immediately or when present membership expires)
- Configure referral link to point to Home Page or Profile page

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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Awesome Mod!!! If you want to build you community, this is the best way for memer to easily invite friends as most people dont see the small invite a friend at the bottom nav and i have been asked from member how they can invite friends....this mod ultimate referals makes it easy because there is a new button in the actions box and member can easily click it and start to invite friends...Works great!! and support above none modzz is very proffesional and accomodating!! Highly reccomended mod!!!
If you want your site to be high quality and successfull, this is the guy you have to do business with! With modzzz you always get the newest ideas, combined with the best quality!

Thanks for this VERY usefull mod, that will without a doubt help my site grow even further!
This mod is great to get the word of mouth out about your website by having members refer their freinds and this seller is amazing. Modzzz is very professional, great support and you can count on them to get the job done. I highly recommend them to anyone.
A must have product!
As a newbee to Dolphin, Modzzz was one of my best experiences! After Installation he helped fix bugs almost same day! Other won't even look at your installation without charging you for their help. I can suggest Modzzz to ANY person with the very best references!
Beside bug-fixes of his own modules he was also very helpful to look at some general Dolphin Bugs!
Without consideration Modzzz ist the best choice to buy modules which are COMPATIBLE with each other! The broad range see more of his mods is exceptional!
Go on with the good work! And Thank you again for being so kind and help me fix the site!

Modzzz is A+ with service!
This a great mod!
Great mod, and Modzzz is very good and quick at installation and email replies. I highly recommend this and his other mods. You get a lot for your money. I have several.
Incredible mod, works flawlessly with Ultimate points! I just migrated my community to D7 from a different platform, and I must say I am very excited to have come across Modzzz, everything works so well together and they are very very quick to provide support. I have already picked up three mods from them, and plan on picking up more as my community shows demand for it!
Another great mod. I was able to install this one easy. It works great and I already have members using it after the first day. I have bought many mods from Modzzz and very happy each time.
No question that this mod is just one of many that will make your site better! Installed on my server and worked right out of the box. If you are looking for mods or programming on your D7.. Look no further... Go Team Modzzz!
Excellent mod and the service was the best Ive experienced on this site,

should get more than 5 stars.

highly recommended.

After this i have bought more than 10 mods
It is definitive the mod to boost your members and to grow fast!
Excellent, a well done job from a group of people who know what they do!

Thank you so much!
Great module, just what I needed for my site traffic to increase 1,000 fold. Great coder and fast installation
I had a few little problems installing this mod on to 7.0.2 but with the very fast support I got this from MOZZZZ with this mod I was able to install it and is working 100%. MODZZZ provide a very good backup service and I would highly recommend thei mods.

The only thing I would suggest to MODZZZ for this mod is to include GBP currency in the MYSQL for british users but I added this to the MySql database with ease.

I will be buying more mods from these guys over the next few week.

An very see more very good mod

What a fantastic idea this one is. The way this is setup makes the letter that goes out very personal. I needed a bit of tweaking after the install and these guys never asked why they just made the adjustment and sent me an e-mail when it was done the incorporation into all other areas make this just the perfect tool to send out ANY information to a big list of people in a very personal way. I can't wait to use this over and over again to show people what can be done if they become a member. see more I also purchased a very large package of a number of their mods that has taken my site to the next level. I asked them to package the entire upgrade for their Ultimate mods because I have been so impressed with all the other mods I have purchased from them. They are nothing but professional and they understand this clearly! If there is an issue with anything their fault my fault it doesn't matter they just fix it so the mod will work. I cannot say enough for these guys and you too should talk to them about an Ultimate Package. I also bought some additional MODS from them BC I know they will make sure everything is done to make it work. I will also comment on each and everyone of the contest type Modules I purchased...
I am sure I forgot to add stars on one of the of their apps I think it was Ultimate Blogs which I have just been thrilled with again if you need to bring some traffic to your site these apps are game changers do just that and as always in my mind the apps are only as good as the support behind them............If you are thinking about buying from them pull the trigger........
We had a few hic ups here and there. But all in all modzzz came thru on his end. So far I got 2 of his mods and I can defenitely say he isn't out to scam you, he actually does good work. The mods i got are worth more then what he is charging thats for sure. Peace
well what can I say about Modzzz that as not been said already.

Can not get enough of he's great mods. My members have started to use my site more now.

I now have over 20 mods from him now on my site, which all work great and the members love them.

The only thing is that he makes so many great mods it's hard to pick which ones I want first,. :D
Thanks Modzzz
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Work like a charm! Fast and easy install, great support. Perfect! Thank you for this great mod.
Great mod. Installed without issues. THANK YOU!

You have proven that you are not only capable, but exel as salesman. I am proud of the accomplishments of you and know that nothing can hold me back to complete my dream site with your mods. You are individual who has an excellent products to sell. With your positive attitude and good communication makes you the best seller online. Thank you very much. Rita
Brilliant mod.
Added a whole new feature to the site that will directly increase members.
I also purchased the Referral Contests mod to run along side this one, allows me to offer extra incentives for people to refer others.

Another very satisfied customer.
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