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What a fantastic idea this one is. The way this is setup makes the letter that goes out very personal. I needed a bit of tweaking after the install and these guys never asked why they just made the adjustment and sent me an e-mail when it was done the incorporation into all other areas make this just the perfect tool to send out ANY information to a big list of people in a very personal way. I can't wait to use this over and over again to show people what can be done if they become a member. see more I also purchased a very large package of a number of their mods that has taken my site to the next level. I asked them to package the entire upgrade for their Ultimate mods because I have been so impressed with all the other mods I have purchased from them. They are nothing but professional and they understand this clearly! If there is an issue with anything their fault my fault it doesn't matter they just fix it so the mod will work. I cannot say enough for these guys and you too should talk to them about an Ultimate Package. I also bought some additional MODS from them BC I know they will make sure everything is done to make it work. I will also comment on each and everyone of the contest type Modules I purchased...
I am sure I forgot to add stars on one of the of their apps I think it was Ultimate Blogs which I have just been thrilled with again if you need to bring some traffic to your site these apps are game changers do just that and as always in my mind the apps are only as good as the support behind them............If you are thinking about buying from them pull the trigger........
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