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Version: 2.4.2

Added: 20.07.12

Updated: 18.04.20

Category: Communication

Tags: chat, messenger, facebook, andrew soft, private chat, messages, emotions, rooms, pictures

Demo:  username - demouser,password - password

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AndrewP. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AndrewP.

Technical Checklist...

I am very pleased to present you the amazing chat module. It is very simple, and at the same time - an effective chat. There is a principal (main) and private chat messenger. In a floating panel, we can see four lists: Last Members, My Friends, Online Members and Online Friends.
It is like facebook, the same layout and styles, you can see your online friends, online members and last members in a slide-out panel (on the right). The administrator can choose (in the settings) which groups to display on this panel

This Chat Module helps your members to communicate in more comfortable, habitual and easy-to-use way and spend more time on your website. In fact, this is the most important part of ANY social network.

Main features:

* Integration of flash video messenger ('Messenger' module)
* Ajaxy (jQuery) filter for the members list
* Four blocks with members (to chat) on index, profile and account pages
* Sound notifications for incoming and outcoming messages (html5)
* Auto-popup on offline messages
* Online friends section
* Message history button
* Active chat sessions are saved (in cookies)
* Text toggles on new messages in private chats
* Hiding and Minimization of Chat Boxes (you can minimize, or even hide important chat sessions)
* Automatic updating of the list of members
* My Friends, My Online friends, Online members don't overlap with Last Members
* Clickable links inside the chat messages
* Infinite messages scrolling (in Chat Boxes)
* Multiline text input box (shift + enter)
* Emotions (smiles)
* It is possible to scroll the list of members in the slide-out panel

The list of new improvements (v 2.0.6):
* Auto-responder for offline messages
* Daily (cron-based) email notifications about unread offline messages
* Emotions in Chat history

The list of new improvements (v 2.0.7):
* New exclusive page of open dialogues

The list of new improvements (v 2.0.8):
* Protection from receiving messages by blocked members

The list of new improvements (v 2.0.9):
* Possibility to remove unwanted public messages (for admins)
* Slovenian translation was added

The list of new improvements (v 2.1.0):
* Membership actions to use chat
* Possibility to add pictures (in messages)
* Dialogs page - last dialogs are sorted by last message

The list of new improvements (v 2.1.1):
* Fancybox for pictures (photo gallery)
* Possibility to clean history of private messages

Several bug fixes (v.2.3.1):
* correct slide to last message in chats
* correct highlighting of incoming chat window
* counter of new messages per each chat
* correct photo preview
* correct sound on new messages

This module is compatible with Dolphin (any subversion)
This chat is adopted version (for dolphin) of our stand alone chat system
And if you have some questions feel free to ask.
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This is a great module ... works just like Facebook's chat ... you can customize colors and look. I highly recommend. I'm a newbie on here, and have to say one of the most important things to look for in a vendor is timely support. My experience with Andrew has been exceptional .... he is timely and efficient which is why I have ordered many apps from him.
Very Nice! My members were very pleased with F-Chat over the standard messenger. Before we had F-Chat, I would regularly receive emails from different members asking how to initiate chat with other members. Yes, You can make FAQs for this, and often as the webmasters of our site, since we know where everything is, it's easy to feel like our members do too or at least they should right? That's not always so, and after installing F-Chat- There is no doubt, members know where it is, and that's the best see more solution! My members didn't hesitate to send messages thanking me for this module- So likewise Andrew I pass them on to you- THANKS!
It's really good looking, easily customized, and as with all your modules- it's very useful and works excellent :)
Much Thanks Andrew!
Great module! Also the support is excellent.
FChat, as the name suggests, is similar to Facebook Chat and it's a great addition to be included for your social website. Members on Dolphin website can chat with each other seamlessly with FChat !
Works like a charm on 7.1.3
easy to use and looks pretty good
highly recommended
support is also very good
Great mod in fact its brilliant & worth every penny you wont be disappointed guaranteed money well spent i had a few complications that was my fault on install after adding a custom sub footer nothing to do with andrewp but he still fixed it and got my website right within the day ,,big thankyou andrew i wish some of the other developers on here was as speedy and ran the same service as you sir...
Just awesome. Really happy with this chat system. It's that good I just wish I could remove the dolphin chat system and use this mod instead.
I am happy to see that you are delighted with our products. Thank you for your comment
One word for this: AWESOME

My feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvement *****
Easy to use: *****
Installation: *****
Installation time: 3 minutes
Does what it says: *****

Presales Advice:: *****
Seller Pre sales Response: *****
Seller Presales Response time: *****
Aftersales Support : *****
Seller Aftesales Response: *****
Seller Aftersales Response time: *****

Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes
Would see more I purchase from this seller again? Yes
Follow up Support: *****
Customer Care: *****
Overall: *****
Love it. Just what I needed and wanted. Andrew I do thank you very much after our many discussion on popup chat box, this is what I needed. Your support is great and so is your work. Cheers m8
Great module, works as expected and very easy to install. Nice job !!
Great chat for good price, thank you
Hello, and thank you again for your help! you are really nice and very good customer followed .... Regards
Excellent, easy to install module with great customer support!
The price is really high for the bugs I am seeing, the creator does not respond back to questions for such a high price, and I just feel robbed. It seems everything with Dolphin, people overprice. I would have paid 50 for this plugin and I know not to pay 100 dollars again to anybody here. So why mark it positive? Well I like the plugin no matter what the flaws I guess. If I had to rate based on installing, easy to use, and features it be 100%.
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