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Footer menu builder


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Version: 2.2.0

Added: 19.05.12

Updated: 01.10.15

Category: Navigation

Tags: extensions, footer, html5, footer menu builder, andrew soft, dolphin 7.1, menu, builder

Demo:  username - demouser,password - password

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AndrewP. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AndrewP.

Technical Checklist...

This product let you organize the truly multi-level footer menu (up to 3 levels). Just consider it - you can create a compact and functional menu with multiple links in it. No more huge lists, no need to scroll down to see all the menu items - everything is convenient and practical.
Moreover, the first menu level is presented as tabs, and you can switch them to get inner levels.

I created a fairly comfortable builder for multilevel menu. All you need - just drag and drop menu items in a comfortable place for you. If you need a new item (in order to add other branches to it) - you can easily do it
This module takes advantages of jQuery UI

This module is compatible with 7.1.x and 7.2.x (any subversion)!
Free installation is included !

You can also read my own blog about Web development
And if you have some questions feel free to ask.
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My feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvement *****
Easy to use: *****
Installation: *****
Installation time: 3 minutes
Does what it says: *****

Presales Advice:: *****
Seller Pre sales Response: *****
Seller Presales Response time: *****
Aftersales Support : *****
Seller Aftesales Response: *****
Seller Aftersales Response time: *****

Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes
Would I purchase from this seller again? see more Yes
Follow up Support: *****
Customer Care: *****
Overall: *****
Again a nice module from Andrew that add a fonction that should have be default by dolphin. And as always Andrew was very quick to answer my question. Thanks. I recommand it
This module is fantastic and will answer your needs ... and very user friendly.
Service from Andrew is a usual fast and right to the point; very pro....
Thanks again Andrew
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