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Facebook Animated Template(5 colors)-Dolphin 7.4.X


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 14.10.15

Updated: 02.07.19

Category: Template

Tags: templates, theme, animation, slider, mobile-friendly, facebook, dolphin 7.3, dolphin 7.3.4, dolphin 7.3.5, dolphin 7.4.2

Demo: https://abservetechdemo.com/dolphin/templates/index.php?skin=facebook  username - N/A,password - N/A

Support Forum: http://www.boonex.com/forums/topic/Facebook-Animated-Template.htm

License: This template is provided by abservetech.com. The license is valid for the installation see more and set up of a single domain name ONLY. It can't be redistributed for a fee or free. Order for another copy before using it for another domain name.

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Facebook Animated Template (5 colors) - Dolphin V 7.4.X

It will give an facebook look to your website, so your users can enjoy it even more. It offers a delightful full screen slider, css3 animation, Animated popup, Button, Dropdown and more features that you will effortlessly get used to. It looks absolutely marvelous on desktops, laptops, tablets and any other kind of mobile device.


  • 5 Default Colors
  • Responsive Full screen slider
  • CSS3 Animation
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Animated Login Popup
  • Animated Dropdown
  • Back to top button
  • Much more...
Online Documentation - Live Demo - support@abservetech.com or post your question on our support forum.
More informations:
Skype : balakannav
Website : www.abservetech.com

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This is a great template!

And I am very grateful for your help, let my website properly working in this template!
Thank you very much for your appreciation :-)
A very cool and nice looking template :)
That's a Cool one .....and easy to use!!!
The service is fast, to the target, friendly and helpfull ...
I can only recommand that purchase, you users will love it !!!
Thank you, It's great to receive such good feedback!
I'm a new user to Boonex after evaluating it with two other social networks. I reviewed various templates in the market and external to the market and shy away from complicated and complex templates. This FB look template was exactly what I was looking for, something simple, straight forward and easy on the eyes.

I've made mods to the template since and the support has been excellent from the vendor. They've helped with every query so far within boonex emails, support emails and skype. Easy to see more get to and they're happy to assist.

Highly rate plugins from this vendor, will be looking at their other plugins too.
I'm glad you like the product, thank you very much for your review!
Great template and very good service ! Thanks a lot !
Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated!
This is a great template!
Nice looking one. Work properly. Has Abservetech logo on it! Paid template, is it possible to remove your logo?
Thank you :) Yes, Kindly check your PM.
We are excited to have Abservetech on board, The Boonex extensions market for templates has never been vibrant with choice, or simplicity ever. This is changing with Abservetech, and this particular template will serve the needs across all niches of social networking. "Great Products and Service. " We Thank You
Thank you very much for your review! It's greatly appreciated :)
I bought this template. it's Nice & fast template and Abservetech has given good support
Thank you very much for the review! Much appreciated :)
I don't think that there are that many templates available for Dolphin so i was pleased to find out that THIS template was just what i was looking for. Exactly what i needed - only a few clicks into my templatesearch - BING. Modern design no knick-knacks, just clean and simple.

I am a perfectionist, i know what i want. The template needed just slight changes to fit my 'hard to make happy'-thinking.

SO... I was surprised to find out what amazing service Abservetech provided me when wanted them see more to make my desired changes to the template. Such fast customization and to top it all off it was FREE of charge!

I am one happy customer and i will surely continue using Abservetech for my project(s) in the future.
Thank you so much for your valuable comments and we really appreciate your valuable time to post the comment. Our core aim is to satisfy our customers at the best for their needs. As you are one of our valuable customers, we did the best and will do the best at any time. We always welcome your support and thanks for choosing us and we are really glad to work with you in all your future projects.
Looks and works wonderful. Very simple, clean and a looks great. I'm very happy that I found this template. Thanks guys for your great work....
Thank you so much for your valuable reply and look forward to have a long-term synergy.
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