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Inviter (integration)

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Version: 2.0.1

Added: 02.06.10

Updated: 03.10.13

Category: Advertisement

Tags: inviter, extensions, integrations, viral inviter, octazen, openinviter, andrew soft, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - demouser,password - demouser

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License: One per domain

Technical Checklist...

I'm glad to introduce the integration of and octazen inviters (two different products).

Now you can invite other members to your community from your contact lists using such services as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Yandex Mail, Rambler Mail, Facebook, Linkedin, Vkontakte,, etc. If you have the 'Points & Gifts & Affiliates' module – this modification will send out member's affiliate link instead of website address.

It is also possible to update openinviter's core from the original website.

Open source OpenInviterTM (Open InviterTM) is a free import contacts (addressbook) script from email providers like Apropo,, Meta, Atlas, Zapakmail, Freemail, FastMail, IndiaTimes, Grafitti, Xing,, Abv, Lycos, Interia,, KataMail, Virgilio, Aussiemail, Doramail,, GMail, AOL, Live/Hotmail,, Techemail, Mail2World,, Nz11, Evite, OperaMail, Gawab, YouTube, Rediff,, MSN, 5Fm, Walla, LinkedIn, Azet, Kids, Pochta, Rambler, Yahoo!, O2,, Uk2, Clevergo, Libero, Bordermail, Terra, Care2, Bigstring, Hushmail,, Plaxo, Inet, India, Popstarmail, Yandex, Canoe, Netaddress or social portals like Twitter, Badoo, Friendfeed, Facebook, Kincafe, Faces, Perfspot, Mycatspace, Livejournal, Famiva, Xuqa, Plazes, Tagged, Koolro, Vimeo, Konnects, Friendster, Multiply, Flingr,, Hyves, MySpace, Flickr, Orkut, Fdcareer, Vkontakte, Xanga, Meinvz, Motortopia, Hi5, Bookcrossing, Skyrock, Flixster, Mydogspace, Cyworld, Eons, Brazencareerist, NetLog, Bebo, Lovento, Plurk, Mevio, Ning. This contacts importer script is integrating with content management systems (aka CMS) like RoundCube, joovili, Wordpress, phpizabi, JamRoom, PunBB, phpFoX, Drupal, vBulletin, jamit job, Joomla, PhpBB, Boonex Dolphin, nowFire, Atmail5, SimpleMachines Forum (SMF), Joomla1.0, symfony, Social Engine, Vwebmail, Buddy Zone, PHPMELODY, E107, Social Engine 4, Dating Pro, myBB, Etano. Open Inviter is written in PHP 5 (no database required but cURL or wget required) and running on any webserver (tested on Apache) offering advanced tell a friend features. OpenInviterTM is a free self hosted solution that does not use a third party gateway (or API) to import contacts.

Every invitation email contains a Sender name and it goes from his email. It should help you in situations, when invitation letters are in spam folder.

New features:

* autofriend with sender after registration by invitation
* display sender's thumbnail and name in email
* protection to send invite emails not more then 2 times to the same person
* viral inviter integration (octazen inviter)
* cron jobs to reduce server load
* membership levels
* facebook letters are in text mode
* optional warning dialog box
* simple installation
* guests may send invites too

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something which is more powerful, please have a look at the 'Promoter' product.

This module is compatible with Dolphin 7.0.x and 7.1.x (any subversion)!

You may test my mods, plug-ins and modules at my dolphin cms website
And if you have some questions feel free to ask.
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I bought the Inviter for Dolphin 7 Mod from Andrew recently and let me just say what an incredible script & how much of a help he is with providing support and making sure everything is 100%. Such a good way for your site members to quickly invite their friends from almost any website or social network in a few clicks! Also, the layout, integration and navigation is top notch!

It works wonderfully and integrates very nicely with Points - Gifts - Affiliate system Mod a must for any site!

I see more would recommend his mods & him to anyone as he has been an absolute joy to work with. He's polite, fast and efficient at what he does and I can't believe how much he even helped me on issues not even related to his mods. Just little questions or some small fixes that were driving me crazy and he did it. I will be supporting his work and mods for years to come
"Inviter" is a great addition to any social networking site. It uses the Octazen and OpenInviter platforms to father data. The latter isn't hugely reliable notably for large sites (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace), so we only use the Octazen option. This explains my "Value" rating above being lower as not all inviters are operational - this is the fault of Openinviter though, not the developer.

Andrey is very quick to respond to any questions - even helping out with questions unrelated see more to the product. I recommend him and his programming skills for your project.
Very good mod, very good for site traffic, and easier to install
Great: Quality

Great: Communication >>> All the times

Great: Support >>> All the times

Great: Accuracy

Great: Value

Great: Developer >>> All the times

Thank's Aramis Great Module Bro
This is terrific mod that you must have if you are serious to your community.

Easy to install and support is prompt when you needed.

You need this mod....Because big company social site has got this mod....

you can make many member by this mod

This mod is an absolutely "must need" for your site and it looks good too! As always...Great job Andrew!! THANK YOU!!! *****MORE STARS FOR YOU!! Racquel
A must have MOD for any site, It is easy to use and should help membership grow.

Great MOD.

Andrew always offers great service.

Cheers mate
Inviters are a must to have on your site. Very professional mod that is easy tor members to use.

I'am very glad and fortunate I found you AndrewP. If you are a girl, I will surely fall in love with you hahahahaha!!!! But since, your a male, we can just be friend. Thank you so much for your time. I am so sorry, I can only give you 5 stars.
Wow! I love this module! Thank you so much. This is a "must have". AndrewP even helped me change the colors so it would look perfect with my template. Thank you so much. I should have bought this a long time ago.
VERY SLICK MOD!!!! It looks very professional and cool, beautifully put together, and Andrew's install was, as always, flawless and fast!
LOVE this module!! Thanks for the great work and continued support, Andrew! Well worth the money spent. Bravo!
Recommended coder. Excellent support. Works great. Easy installation.
Excellent mod....Easy installation, great support when you need. Thanks Andrew.
A must have for any site, the best part is re-directing your customers to this option after signup. Great way to get new members/uniques without advertising more. Just amazing again Andrew. Thanks!!
super work you have done.
works very well.

Thank You!!
Great mod... the best inviter mod for D7.0.X and a great value for all website... thanks andrey
This mod is definitive a must for any social community and you will be behind if you don't have it!
Andrew did a brilliant job and there are not enough stars to give to Andrew for the Quality, Communication, Support, Accuracy and Value!

Very easy to install, up and running in a few minutes!

Thank you so much!
Great support and very easy to install AAAA++++++++++
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