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Cron Birthday EMail module


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Version: 2.4.0

Added: 05.06.10

Updated: 29.09.19

Category: Dating

Tags: extensions, email, cron, birthday, andrew soft, congratulation

Demo: not available  username - demo,password - demo

License: GPL

Technical Checklist...

This mod automatically sends emails with congratulations to all your members that have birthdays.
You can change the email template via admin panel -> Settings -> Email Templates. You also can change the attached picture.

And if you have some questions feel free to ask.
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I install it easily, but how to edit the email text?

Go it installed but could not see it in Email Templates at first. I changed the language ID from a 1 to a 0 via phpMyAdmin and was able to see it then. Not sure if it was something I did or not.

Keeps me from manually sending them a "Happy Birthday" email. Thanks
This is easy, look for email template 'Cron birthday mail template'
Here are lots of templates, so just search for it :)
And what about the birthday cake pic that comes with the mod? Where does it get uploaded to so that it gets sent with the birthday emails?
Sweet, thx exactly what i was looking for : D
Fast install, very professional and really knows a lot about Boonex and Mods. Highly recommended.
Pretty Cool. Thank Aramis. You are the best! Love working with you!
I love the birthday mod was just what I needed!

lots of stars I forgot to click them now they won't light up.. Quality ****** Communication ****** Support ****** Accuracy ****** Value ******
Where does the graphics of the birthday cake go??
Check here:
so you can easy to change it.
Great module! Easy to use and participants often come to my site
Thanks AndrewP!

Великолепный модуль! Прост в использовании и участники чаще заходят ко мне на сайт
Спасибо AndrewP!
useful module, thanks
Простой но полезный мод, как раз для таких забывчивых как я, спасибо.
Geiles Mod, einfach zu installieren. Vieken Dank
Hey what can you say but another great addition to my site coming from Andrew. , Not only does it do a good job but is a nice touch to the site and it is FREE. Keep up the good work and always look at the new modules Andrew posts.... best on the site!
I just want to say thanks and that it is a cool mod!
Спасибо за полезный мод.
Great and useful mod. Adds a personal touch to the site.
Im very happy with this mod. I think is a is one or the best cron birthday free greetings modules in market!
I have received a very fast and profesional services. Thank you Andrey!!!!
This mod gives my member a family flare.
Thank you Andrew :-)
Great mod, yeah adds that something extra, was installed the next day, very efficient.
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