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Photo Albums for Groups module


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Version: 2.3.0

Added: 09.08.10

Updated: 28.03.16

Category: Photos

Tags: extensions, photo albums, groups, group albums, integration, andrew soft, dolphin 7.1, photos, gallery, pages

Demo:  username - demouser,password - password

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AndrewP. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AndrewP.

Technical Checklist...

I'm glad to introduce my new module - Photo Albums for Groups !
This is new, truly user-friendly module for your members. It allows to create multiple photo albums for groups.

list of features:

* group related privacy view to albums.
* two upload modes (ordinary and flash). You can upload several photos in a time
* nice ajaxy share functional
* rss for album photos
* comments to albums
* description to single photos
* fans can create own albums too (optional)
* integrated flash photo gallery
* watermark processing (optional)
* fans can upload photos to existed albums made by other fans or admins (optional)
* download original image link
* fancybox jQuery plugin is integrated for thumbnails
* block for index page with a list of photo albums (by groups)

New features:

* administrator and certain users (membership-based) can tag photos as featured (v2.0.1)
* new block 'Feature Group Photos' is available on the index page and groups homepage (v2.0.1)
* comments for photos (v2.0.1)
* rate for photos (v2.0.1)
* SPY module integration (only public groups/albums are available in the SPY) (v2.0.2)
* Group Wall module integration (v2.0.3)
* possibility of adding (pin) pictures by URL (v2.0.3)
* small little badge (thumb) of a member who uploaded a photo (v2.0.4)

Update: This product contains one extra module 'Photo Albums for Pages' (Pages module is originally made by houstonlively).
Read relative topic here:

This module is compatible with Dolphin 7.0.x, 7.1.x, 7.2.x and 7.3.x (any subversion)!

You can also read my own blog about Web development
And if you have some questions feel free to ask.
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The Group Photo Album module by AndrewP, along with the Group Scheduler module, give the Groups feature of your Dolphin 7 site, an exciting new level of functionality.

The Group Photo Album will allow group fans to create albums and upload photos. This is a huge improvement over the photos block on the Group's main page where all photos are placed on one big pile. Now all group fans can create photo albums, and contribute content to the group that is well organized, and fun to browse by others. see more

Album creation and photo uploading use the same functions as the main Dolphin 7 photos system, so this module will have a familiar look and feel for your members. When creating an album, you can select whether it can be viewed by everyone, logged in members, or group fans only. Photos are quickly uploaded in bulk by the flash uploader, and the html uploader is available also. Comments can be added to each album using D7's comment system. Comments can't be added to each individual photo, but that is an acceptable compromise in lieu of quick ajax loading of new photos when browsing albums. With the ajax loading of photos, the Group Photos Album has a sleeker feel than the standard D7 photo system. Once the photos are uploaded, the album creator can add an optional description or change the photo title... all updated via ajax. Group admins can manage any album, delete any photo, or edit any description.

Add this module to your Dolphin site, along with the Group Scheduler module, and your groups feature will offer your members a great platform to easily create their own internet presence. In effect, groups will have their own website with a discussion forum, a photo album, and a calendar of all their planned activities.

All of this makes a D7 site an attractive place for people with similar interests, to call home and organize their membership. Anyone that is serious about growing a community, should add this module to their site.

Nice work AndrewP!
I've pointed out that it is very important for group to have multiple albums capability since D7 starting development, but D7 release is still only one album supported. So I'm very glade to install Andrew's Albums for Group module.

The installation is very simple in real if installation README file a little bit more understandable.

It will be much better If AUTO play button is added to album.
I just recently enabled the Groups module to my Dolphin site and it didnt take long for someone to ask me if there was a way to only allow the members of the group to see their photos. This is a great module to allow your group members to have photo albums outside the "normal" photo albums. It does exactly that. Definitely a great addition,

Great Job!
This feature is missing in Boonex and Andrew as made it happen! The ajax next previous is awesome! No one should be without that one! Work perfect with 7.0.3!
Great mod. Adds much needed functionality to the groups section.
Easy install, works right out of the box.
Hi every one!!..

I bought so many mods from Andrey and he has become a friend of mine due to his quality of work and support..He helped me in time of emergency when I needed so fast support on a bug on my site not even related to his mod..Really, you are in safe hands...

Thanks Andrey for all your quality work and support..

Good Luck and keep posting good mods!!!

Great stuff here
all groups can have private albums highly recommended and very
easy installation
thank you
Purchased the group Album module from Andrey. This was the first time dealing with him. And I was pleasantly surprised with his professionalism, courtesy. There was a little modification i needed him to do, which he assisted me promptly and responded to me in a timely manner. Stayed with me until everything was completed and working to my satisfaction. Can't say enough about how much i've enjoyed working with him. Looking forward working with him on regular basis.
Thanks again Andrey. Keep up the see more class act my friend.
Is it possible to get a thumbnail photo of each upload picture in a group album when looking at the RSS feed? I only see the album cover photo as a thumbnail in the group photo RSS feed?
Very nice job!
I've used this mod on my site (with D 7.0.4)
Very simple install and working as describe.
Excellent support from Andrew.

Thank you!
Excellent module - and an essential add-on for Dolphin 7.1!
Very nice mod. Excellent support. Recommended by all means.
I have nothing but the highest regard for Andrew and his developing skills. We just installed a new mod for our site, Photo Albums for Groups, and hit a snag. I emailed him and had an answer in no time at all. Turned out to be a problem with our server not his product. And still Andrew helped us solve the server issue. It is nice to deal with a real professional who take pride in his work.
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