The Group Photo Album module by AndrewP, along with the Group Scheduler module, give the Groups feature of your Dolphin 7 site, an exciting new level of functionality.

The Group Photo Album will allow group fans to create albums and upload photos. This is a huge improvement over the photos block on the Group's main page where all photos are placed on one big pile. Now all group fans can create photo albums, and contribute content to the group that is well organized, and fun to browse by others. see more

Album creation and photo uploading use the same functions as the main Dolphin 7 photos system, so this module will have a familiar look and feel for your members. When creating an album, you can select whether it can be viewed by everyone, logged in members, or group fans only. Photos are quickly uploaded in bulk by the flash uploader, and the html uploader is available also. Comments can be added to each album using D7's comment system. Comments can't be added to each individual photo, but that is an acceptable compromise in lieu of quick ajax loading of new photos when browsing albums. With the ajax loading of photos, the Group Photos Album has a sleeker feel than the standard D7 photo system. Once the photos are uploaded, the album creator can add an optional description or change the photo title... all updated via ajax. Group admins can manage any album, delete any photo, or edit any description.

Add this module to your Dolphin site, along with the Group Scheduler module, and your groups feature will offer your members a great platform to easily create their own internet presence. In effect, groups will have their own website with a discussion forum, a photo album, and a calendar of all their planned activities.

All of this makes a D7 site an attractive place for people with similar interests, to call home and organize their membership. Anyone that is serious about growing a community, should add this module to their site.

Nice work AndrewP!
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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