We have the Personality Test on our website and we released a Press Release to the news and media about some findings and results of the people on our website. Numerous news channels and media outlets posted the article and press release which is great, it brought us alot of attention. However it also caught the attention of CPP, Inc. CPP is the exclusive licensee of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, MBTI® and Myers-Briggs® trademarks and the exclusive publisher of the MBTI instrument.

They see more stated that the personality test on our website is not an official Myers Briggs test and that we need to remove the Myers Briggs and MBTI trademarks from our website, including the pages that and content that came with the Personality Test module. And that it is a Trademark Infringement to state that it is a Myers Briggs test....

Has anyone else had any issues like this? On the actual module page, it mentions Myer Briggs.... http://www.boonex.com/m/personality-matchmaker
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