Jennifer has done a wonderful job here with Personality Matchmaker! It's your basic 30 sec install for the base- Super Easy! And includes excellent instructions for installing the bonus features if you wish to include those as well :D
I'm sure that dating sites love this module, but I'm here to tell you like others here have- Pretty much any site/members will enjoy this personality assessment feature!
Comprehensive! That's the word that keeps coming to mind as I review all the informative pages see more included in this package.
It's also very comforting learning a little bit about Jennifer- her professional background and as well as superior customer service!
This package is amazing which makes me even more excited anticipating future updates and improvements. (Future Upgrades? Really? OMG! WOW! She's already outdone herself here)
This is a great contribution to the market here and Dolphin.
Thanks Jennifer...really awesome mod..couldn't be more pleased :)
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