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Programmer needed, 6 month job

Please PM me your details.

What am I looking for?

Must be a good team player with demonstrable experience in WebSphere Portal Server projects

Demonstrable hands-on experience in:

  • Developing JSR168 and JSR 286 standard port-lets
  • Writing / generating webservices proxies
  • Writing Junit and Jmeter scripts
  • Java, JSP, HTML,  JavaScript, AJAX, JSF, and Struts

Hands on experience in following:

  • Frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Struts and JSF
  • AJAX frameworks such as JQuery, DOJO
  • WWCM Experience
  • Creation of web content libraries
  • Creation of authoring templates
  • Creation of presentation templates
  • Creation of workflows, sites and site areas
  • Creation of WCM components
  • Experience in database queries and DDL, DML statements
  • Able to write ANT scripts to build the web archive
  • Experience using configuration management and build automation tools

Should  understand HIPPA and PHI rules and regulations with respect to how to handle data appropriately.

  •  Knowledge of SSO, Portal Security, and personalization
  • Good problem solving skills
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Good luck with that buddy. I've had problems finding a php programer on this site, and if someone had half the skills you listed I doubt they would be working with Dolphin 5/6/7 so I wonder why you are posting the above, here.

The only reason I have any idea what most of your requirements are about is because the last company I worked for used much of that for development, but I was lead at the help desk and had to do testing that required a lot of cross over work with the development team..
Thanks for the reply, that's why I have this here. I want someone very good. I have this listed elsewhere, thought I'd give it a try here.
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