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I have a love hate relationship with Dolphin. Love it when it works, hate it when it doesn't.

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Really great guy! Helped me big time!
LeatherSportB has been outstanding! He understands Dolphin. He understands "REALLY UNDERSTANDS" software and various languages. I hate to say too many nice things about him as we want to keep him for ourselves!! We interviewed "5" consultants to help our site get up and running and have to say we made the right choice. He is straight to the point, knowledgable and can do what the others can do in half the time. He never has to look things up to get an answer. He has the see more answer and he will fix it on the spot if he can. If everyone we dealt with in our business had a fraction of his professionalism; the world would be a much better place!

We give the highest marks and points to LeatherSportB!!!!

If you are considering a project and you want competent help from a no b.s. guy ~ LeatherSportB is for you!
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