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Videos - Don't encode if all ready proper file type / size

At the start of the encode process use ffmpeg to get basic stats of the uploaded video file.

If the video is all ready mp4 or 'flash' and doesn't exceed the maximum bit rate do not re-encode. Just use as us.


This is a really basic feature and important for reducing server load while preserving video quality.  Most of the uploaded videos come from sites that have all ready done a conversion or from users that know how (or can be taught) to use the best encode settings while exporting video from there editing software.


 This could make a huge difference for sites. Boonex really should be the one to code this but as I want this feature I am willing to pay a reasonable fee to get it sooner than later. I'm setting an open budget but if your asking for more then $50 I expect some kind of explanation and justification of the costs.

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