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Andrew Boon posted 6th of December 2015 in Our Journey. 12 comments.

Just a little over a month has passed since our house was destroyed in a fire. A magical month! Our friends and community supported us with such vigour and warmth that Boons family never had a reason to complain. We've been given all the basic things, toys for the baby son, violin for the bigger boy and a lovely soups almost every second day. Moreover, our friends arranged a few fundraisers and even a recovery rally concert in our town to support us. Boonex team has been looking after my correspondence and Nathan has helped immensely with support and sales chat, too! I can't thank everyone enough for giving us this space and opportunity get back on track so quickly. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 


We had a "technical" issue with our insurance policy, but after some bickering the bank acknowledged their error and things are starting to look up. With any luck in about a year we should be able to move out of our temporary living quarters (teepee and garage). In other words, we are all-right - happy and healthy. It was a very close call and just today forensic inspector mentioned that in circumstances like this we've been VERY lucky to stay alive to tell the story. 


Meanwhile Alex and Anton progressed with the Dolphin improvements and fixes, so we'll be scheduling a next update soon. There's also a really exciting new "module" we've been working on - so stay tuned... it WILL be a game changer!


As for holidays time - we don't have any plans to slow down - so if you feel like starting a new community site before Christmas - don't hesitate, we will be here to help you out.

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Happy to see you, Sir! We continue to pray for you and your family's safety. More power to the rest of the team! God bless.
Glad to hear the good news! Happy holidays to you and your family.
Very good news! Happy holidays.
Casal Pimenta
Good news!! Good winds for the new year !!
i am glad everything went right
Unforeseen sudden changes in life, while often very stressful, can become an excellent opportunity for change and personal growth. From the little I know of you, I imagine your family has grown closer and stronger... creating some good from something terrible. I wish your family the very best in 2016, including a new home that will forever protect all that live in it. :-)
Very happy to hear that everything goes well with you and your family.
Happy Holidays!
Very happy to hear that everything goes well with you and your family.
Happy Holidays!
Andrew it is good to hear that all is looking up for you and your family. We pray and wish the best for you and your family.
Just read in the Echo you're locals. No wonder you're still all smiles... it's your community :)
Just wanted to come in and give New Year wishes. Hope you will soon have a proper roof over your head.
Does any one know how to fix the following error in dolphin?;
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It happened after my hosting guys said they are repairing all sites databases, and soon as they got see more done, my site started showing: Fatal error;Call to a member function getClassPrefix () on null on home/my ftp username/public_html/templates/base/scripts/BxBaseSearchResultSharedMedia.php on line 121.

And then i cleared the cache, cache_public, and tmd now am stuck on the errors mentioned above! Kindly assist? Whatsup me on: +27 72 706 9000. or e-mail me to:
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