Andrew Boon posted 2nd of January 2017 in Our Journey. 19 comments.

Lean, efficient, concise. These are the words for 2017. Less talk, more walk.

We have a lot to do...

- Release Dolphin v10

- Release UNA v9

- Build a new Messenger for both Dolphin and UNA

- Tidy up Boonex.com

- Bridge Dolphin and UNA

- Improve support response time

Therefore, we shall...

- Keep our posts and mailouts short

- Build up Knowledge Base and Documentation

- Make a few "starter" videos

- Focus on highly-demanded features development

- Be informative and succinct in our support conversations


In the upcoming posts, I will tell more about UNA, the new messenger, Dolphin v10, plans for mobile apps and Boonex.com cleanup. We have been relatively silent in the last couple of months even though this period was easily the busiest we ever had. We have learnt a lot from 2016. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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Very good then. I look forward to these changes. Lets hope they will make Dolphin more attractive for end users, most of whom are on mobile devices. Give us a hint what UNA is please!
ok.. I found the UNA definition - ugggg..
Andrew Boon
UNA stands for United Networking Applications, but can also be taken as a reference to "unity" in general.
I will say that 2016 saw many improvements in Dolphin. The only thing that I saw in this post that made me uneasy is the "Bridge Dolphin and UNA" as I don't like UNA; at all. Hopefully Dolphin won't ever have the horrible UNA admin panel.
Andrew Boon
No, it won't, because Studio is not an admin :) . Studio is a config panel. Admin uses user-end interface.
App w/push. Mobile Wall. Messenger.

I think that the concept of 2014 that Dolphin will mostly used on Desctops was horrible mistake. Mobile is the new black from near 2012. And it so pity that Dolphin still isn't there.
Andrew Boon
There're a few ways to approach "mobile", and Dolphin is taking a more conservative approach, while UNA is more radical.
The only way to approach mobile - is to build this way up. Social networking w/out mobile Wall and Chat - is neither social nor networking. You don't need to figure it out - just look at FB, OK, In, Mamba, Reddit and so on. It so pity that in 2017 we need to discuss "conservative" approach to mobile, when in 2012 it was so clear that the future is in smartphone.


If conservative see more way of D is to leave The App w/out Wall and Chat - so I'm really don't understand why to develop it at all? In clear mind to make smthng that people for sure don't like???? It's strange approach to technology and developing, IMHO. It more then strange that D HAVE wall, but there is no clear'n'stable way to include it in App's work. Market? Oh, please, would you be glad to buy a Honda and to add the front glass from Honda Developers Marketplace?

Wall and Chat - are the main place of Social networking, and now they both are mach under the level of 2014 .

Make a pool - who feels frustrated because lack of Dolphin's App - and you will see it very clear. Ask your clients, who want mobile wall w/push and chat on one side - and opposite on another, who prefer current way of D's networking, desktop oriented.
Yep, agree, push notification is VERY HUGE! Mobile as WELL!
Please make Dolphin 10 more end-user friendly. I have had a number of members email me saying "how do I ..." or "this is way too hard..."
A majority of issues come at sign up when they try to create/edit their profile, upload or edit their profile pic (I've been using Dolphin for a few years and I even get irritated), avatar, etc. This stuff + navigation at the beginning are what turns them off immediately because it's not intuitive and they frankly give up. It has to be totally simple.
Dolphin v10? So is versioning skipping from 7.3.3 to v10?
a better layout for the mobile app would be great!
I think a faster Support response time must be the first improvement. When you are new with Dolphin like me and you are waiting many days for Support to reply to a simple installation request, then you understand that Support response time is the most important thing to improve in the moment at Boonex.
In my opinion, the most relevant improvement BoonEx could do was build a sharing button like on Facebook to users share videos, photos, posts... with each other and with group inside the site having no need to go to Facebook. That's my 2017 dream! I know a competitor that has it but is not as solid as Dolphin! It break too much. Dolphin has been trustworthy, solid, consistent, but miss such a great feature! Oh, I dream!!!
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.