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The only way to approach mobile - is to build this way up. Social networking w/out mobile Wall and Chat - is neither social nor networking. You don't need to figure it out - just look at FB, OK, In, Mamba, Reddit and so on. It so pity that in 2017 we need to discuss "conservative" approach to mobile, when in 2012 it was so clear that the future is in smartphone.

If conservative see more way of D is to leave The App w/out Wall and Chat - so I'm really don't understand why to develop it at all? In clear mind to make smthng that people for sure don't like???? It's strange approach to technology and developing, IMHO. It more then strange that D HAVE wall, but there is no clear'n'stable way to include it in App's work. Market? Oh, please, would you be glad to buy a Honda and to add the front glass from Honda Developers Marketplace?

Wall and Chat - are the main place of Social networking, and now they both are mach under the level of 2014 .

Make a pool - who feels frustrated because lack of Dolphin's App - and you will see it very clear. Ask your clients, who want mobile wall w/push and chat on one side - and opposite on another, who prefer current way of D's networking, desktop oriented.
Yep, agree, push notification is VERY HUGE! Mobile as WELL!
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