User Demo

User Demo

Fully functional, in default form (as delivered) and ready for you to freely join and explore. Resets every 30 minutes.

username: kangaroo
password: dolphin

Admin Demo

Admin Demo

This demo resets automatically, so don't loiter, but do have fun! Try admin tools, builders and content management.

username: admin
password: dolphin

iOS and Android Apps

A touch is worth a thousand words. Download iOS and Android apps, install to your devices and touch away!
With Mobile license you can re-brand the apps and distribute as your own.

Mobile Apps

To test the mobile apps, install them using store links above or search for "BoonEx Dolphin" in App Store or Google Play.
Once installed, try using our demo account. (URL:; username: kangaroo; password: dolphin).

Screenshots and Samples

There are thousands of Dolphin sites and there are millions of pages, features and options in every one of them.

Home page
Profile page
Photos home page
Mobile App
iPhone App Home
Admin page
Admin Dashboard