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This is ridiculous. If updating the mods to 7.2 compatibility is taking time, that's no problem and I think the community understands. But many of us have spent a lot of money on your mods and at least deserve a response.

Not responding to any inquiries is unprofessional and frankly, childish. I'd rather a date that's far off rather than no response and in the dark.

You have some great mods, but the lack of correspondence is killing your reputation for being reliable and boonex dolphin's see more overall.
anybody wanna icecream ?
Amen. We've send messages, e-mails and placed forum posts, but total radio silence from Ilbellodelweb. Very bad case and starting to piss us off. We bought 4 modules (EvoWall, Photo Deluxe, Profile Cover en Mega Profile) which are totally un-useable.

The lack of responsive happens very often and they can certainly learn from developers like Modzzz.