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Addition Basic Settings Privacy

In addition to the basic settings related to privacy are already in Dolphin 7 to be included this choice by the user in the following sections:

Posts made by me, including status updates and photos,
I like and looking for
Biography and favorite quotes
Web Site
Political and religious
Places where I register
Other Phone
Display Name IM
Photos and video Photos and Videos that are tagged / a
Opportunity to comment on posts, including status updates, posts and photos on the bulletin board
Ability to publish items on my wall from friends
Ability to see the posts on my wall from friends
Friends may register in the places I visit
Pages in this personal example: My friends, mutual friends, Blog, Store, Video, Music, and all other personal pages present and then we integrated such as Facebook, Twitter, and other (future pages will be selected by the user and added to the list with a drop-down menu)

The choice for users for each item described above will be: everyone, friends of friends, just friends, Customize (if you choose to show it only to you, to anyone, or which friends to show it)

Users should also be able to insert into their account all the personal information above if not already present in the dolphin 7.

I accept suggestions and additions, I hope I was clear in my explanation.

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