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Are You Ready To Challenge Yourself

Firstly I would like to thank you for your expressed interest.


I am looking for an experienced developer that can share our vision of connecting people around the globe

that share the same birthday. We have a good brand name and is looking to expand our footprint over the



First I want to mention some names that you might have heard of before. Google, Groupon, Facebook, and

many more you have heard of before. The 3 mentioned companies are worth well in excess of 300 billion

dollars. I believe if this website is done correctly with the right developer with my ideas behind the seen we

can get a 5% market share of their market. In other words I am predicting that we can grow this into a 1.5

billion dollar website.


What I am offering is a percentage of the website to the right Developer. So that the work will be done with

integrity as well as passion and I want to share the passion on all my ideas with the developer. In other words

based on our work we should gain traction and growth once the website is fully developed. The developer will share

in all aspect of the revenues from this website. I want the developer to keep this in mind websites do not grow,

brands do and I believe I have a good brand.


What I require Dedication hard work and for the developer to meet all challenges head on. The developer should be versed in all aspects of dolphin:   Installation, Upgrade, Design, Translation, Modification, Integration, Flash, Mobile, Fixing, Marketing , Mods


Risk involved The risk involved in my opinion is ZERO with the right developer I will make this a success and you will reap the benefits.


The market I am approaching with my website is a multi billion dollar market. There is an old saying if the wheel is not

broken don't try to fix it. I am not trying to fix the wheel I simply want to put some new tires on the wheel.

In other words I am not trying to fix the market we will be approaching but to make the best of it.


About Me: I was formally a broker on Wall Street and have help to bring companies public that have gone to be multi million dollar companies. I do not work on Wall Street any more because of health reasons but my information is still available through a government website. Should you require to see that information I will provide you with the website and you can go check your self.


If you are not qualified for what I am looking for please do not reply to this ad.

I am looking for a serious developer that is capable this person must also be the right fit with my organization. This person must also be a visionary and can see what we see.


If you have any questions. Please contact me here wayne@oursamebirthdays.com serious inquires only.



Wayne Fraser


Remember to think positive or don't think at all

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