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Custom Work

1. I want to have a feature to import my members profile data from linkedin, same as this site:http://chamber.com/apply/membership

If you used this site, you can find that it bring ALL of the available fields on linkedin. Not like RPX where it has limited amount of data retrieved.

I found these PHP scripts that could bring you the data, you need to map it to profile fields.


I also want to use to enable my members to update their profile fields from their linkedin account.

2. If you looked at http://telecomyou.com/browse.php

For the search fields, the country field has the default US, could you please the default value as "All Countries"?

3. Changes to the internal messaging system:

a) Allow sending of messages within the site through the "Contact" button to friends only.

b) if a member wants to contact other members who are not in his friend list, then he/sh can contact him up to X number per month, depends on the membership level configuration by admin.

c) if the member is in other membership levels than the standard one, then he can receive emails from everyone, even if they did not added him as a friend. This could be turned on/off from the profile edit screen. members who can receive emails from all will have a special block that appear at their profile page, this is to highlight that this member can receive messages from any other members.
in case a member upgraded his membership from standard to an other memberships the default value of this field is accept messages from all.

4. Data Migration: I had telecomyou on Ning platform before. I did not find any tool to migrate my data to boonex. Ning does not provide a database access, it give you a very stupid JOSN files, that is hard to understand or convert. However, I managed to have my old site forums, groups, blogs and profile fields migrated to a database, using a Ning to WordPress migration tool. I want to migrate the data from this database to my site database. More details need to be provided for this task before starting it.

5. Advanced Membership Control Features:

a)  Upon searching people, results will have two blocks, first will show the members with paid membership level. Second will show the other members. Memberships levels who could appear in the special block could be configured as parameter in the membership admin screen. 
b) Ability for the admin to set the maximum number of returned people as a result of searching people. For example, Standard membership to have maximum number of returned search results = X, while membership Y has it = Z.
c) Block the Advanced search access to specific membership levels, depends on admin configuration.People with no access to the advanced search should be able to see the advanced search page, but should not be able to use it (the fields does not accept entries).
d) Special icon per membership to appear at the bottom right corner of the member avatar image everywhere in the site.

6) Search results to have extended view by default. Search results to show the Name, Job Title, Company and country

7) Spy enhancement, where I want to control which events to show and not to show



I want price per item please.

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