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D.6.1.2 modification, my space comment fix...



Adult website 18+ only.

Looking who can help to fix D 6.1.2 :


My Space Comments are installed.
If generate code with no links and post in comments box all links are disabled.

If I protect from link disappearing, can't comment adult site videos, appiers blank player.

Comments remove by member.
Site is running on Membership mode. Member click ''Edit_Comments'' new page appiers with own comments. Select and delete, or delete link on every comment. Or any other option.


Bug fix:

When Couples profile created in Account page are two same sex pictures. Second picture are defult picture.If main member are male other couples picture appiers same male, ether if it set to female. In profile page are ok.



Please post any suggestions any help would be great.

Thank you.

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