bw_boonexFlashflsh mod, module$300-5000 bids$0 average bid23rd of January 2011

Flash module

It's required to build a new module similar to videos modules that allowed uploading Flash (SWF) files.

The Module should include the following features .:

  1. Admin only who will be to upload flash files.
  2. The Module must allow mass import for flash files from Admin site.
  3. Admin will be able to change the module Icon.
  4. Each flash file will have a provider and Admin will be able to manage provider info (add, edit, delete)
  5. Allow some information from profile info to be used while add a new flash file.
  6. The file embed code is required to be located in a page block
  7. Log recording , every time members access the game, the following information should be recorded in DB in a dedicated table.

    o    User ID

    o    User name

    o    IP

    o    Date

    o   Time

    o   SWF file provider

    o   SWF file title

    o   SWF URL


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