persephonemodifications$50-1000 bids$0 average bid6th of October 2010

Looking for scripting...

Critical problem here, The Archive Ning provides gives you JSON files, they are unusable. Host For Web has stated that I find someone here that can write an Import Tool to translate the Data I got from the Ning Archive so that Dolphin can understand it.

Basically, there is no database. Can you help with this? Ning does not provide a mySQL dump.

This is my last response from Host For Web....

"sorry to hear that. If your previous provider can't give you a database backup in a standardized format, then I really don't know where to begin with this. It's simply out of our scope.
Ning gives you a shared environment for your social networks and it looks like it's their policy not to give you SQL export of your community. So, yes then - you will need a developer to write code that would import it all to a standard dolphin installation. It really requires an experienced developer with plenty of coding knowledge, and we are definitely unable to do anything to help or recommend. Maybe if you hired some company or a freelance PHP developer, they could do it for you."

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