verygenericFixingmass mailer$50-1000 bids$0 average bid14th of December 2010

Mass Mailer/Subscriber issue

Are you or your friend available right now for a job? i have to get it fixed today. I only have 50 bucks to spend but I don't think it's a big job at all. just very important.

1. i just did two mass mailings and they never went out. i have no idea why. mail notifications from the site is going out but not the mass mailers.

2. in mass mailer when i click send to subscribers only 150 get added even though i have about 1,000 non-member subscribers in sys_syb_users. something is not communicating between  tools-manage subscribers and the database.

3. finally when you go to tools - manage subscribers - only about 20 of my subscribers show up but i need all of them to show up....i have to get this fixed today cause i need to mail my members about upcoming events.

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