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Messenger, Mail and Chat control by admin

Hello all,

I am pretty new to the community. I am looking to be able to control messages and chatting within a Boonex Dating Site. Primarily I'd like admin to control who can send a receive messages. For example; if USER A wants to chat with USER B and vice versa ADMIN can open comm's between them, now if USER B wants to also chat with USER C and USER C agrees ADMIN can open the comm's, but if USER C wants to chat with USER A and USER A has not selected them for chat ADMIN does not open comm's, this ability to OPEN or RESTRICT comm's is throughout the entire USER database. Yes I realize this will be labor intensive from the ADMIN side, but this is a core element in what the site is about. This is a speed dating site, that after USERs meet at an event they can select who they would like to get to know further. Some comm requests may be equal matches but many will not.

IS this possible within BOONEX? Ideas or feedback is welcome

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