pierrehsunsubscribe facebook clone, mod, module, modificationOpen budget0 bids$0 average bid11th of October 2010

Module to unsubscribe for Dolphin

I would like to change on the unsubscribe page Dolphin (www.myDolphin.com/unregister.php)
I want a page to unsubscribe semblance to that of Facebook
(See attached photo)
With pictures of their friends who will miss,
Multiple choices the reason for unsubscribing
with provision for changing the multiple choice to unsubscribe via the administrative panel
a textarea obligatory decision of the member who unsubscribes
and then sends an email for administrator to each member deleted
his nickname, e-mail and the information filled in the form unsubscribe
This module should be a separate module and no change in the code of Dolphin
100% Translatable
Stored in language strings am and is ready for translation.
And fully integrated with Dolphin.
It must also be 100% compatible with Dolphin 7.0.3
Delete account for Dolphin 7.0.3
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