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we explain about our projects and you choice which one you can do .
we have 2 project : 1.banned word (bad word) filter 2. change "left to right" to "right to left (RTL)" and change date and numbers to solar date and iranian numbers .

1.banned word : we need a module that filter the words that we selected for it and show for example **** instead the bad words . when some body write a banned word after filtering with this module should send us a feedback in admin panel and tell us who when and where use what banned word in a list . this module should be work in ALL of the site ! its mean every where that people can use text , this module should be work even in private message and chat .

2. iranian languages is "Farsi" and it writes from right to left (exactly unlike English) and iranian date is not Julian Date , its solar date and iranian numbers is different with english numbers . so we need a module that do it for us for our translated language (Farsi ) , so this module should work on language part and should be a section that we select it and make this module on for translated language(Farsi) . we want to have a multi language site , so we dont like to change all of the site to RTL because one of the this multi language is English .
maybe it's necessary to tell you our mean for RTL moreover change write direction is change items positions from left to write , its mean is the position of all of the items that we translated them to Farsi should change to RTL , for example look at these pictures :

you can use this site for understand more for RTL : >>> look at the position of items an writings direction

please tell us that you can do them or not and how much is your price .

best regards , hamrade company

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