nimayariModificationmodification, installations$100-3001 bids$250 average bid24th of January 2011

RTM(right to left writing),Julian Date to "on solar" date

we live in Iran and want to build this site for many of students of a very big university , Iranian's language is "Farsi" and it write from right to left not like English that is from left to right , so we will translate your them to Farsi if we buy it , but we need some tiny changes for this them , if you do it for us absolutely we will pay more than real price to you ! i name our requirements :
1. make an option for change write language direction (translation words be right to left)
2. make an option to change Julian Date to on solar date for translation language (Date of Iranian's language is not Julian date , its on solar date)
3. change all of the numbers from English too "Farsi" for translation language

maybe it will be interested for you that know ALL of these three items is available on internet but i cant put them on Boonex ! so please find them and do them for our site and tell us to pay the cost to you .

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