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Additional fields added to Photo and Video page

I would like several additional fields   added to the Photos and videos home page.

Apparently some of these were in previous versions of Boonex however they were removed in some of the newer builds.  That said I am running 7.1.2

View Count

Comment Count

Favorite Count

Nice to have items

Rating *****

Post time similar to Outline

Rather than displaying each of these in full length words such as

Comment Count 7 Favorite Count 3

It would be nice to have these displayed as small icons with the number next to each.  This would allow all items to be displayed on one line directly under the photo looking cleaner.   When the mouse is hovered over each icon the words are displayed such as View Count 3.  I can provide some examples and details on sites using this method.

It would also be nice to have the ability to turn off specific fields that are already displayed on each photo and video by default such as Title or Album name.  These don’t provide much value except clutter, of course this is all opinion.

If this could all be done as a module allowing you to turn fields on or off as needed that would be preferred.  If this is simply not possible or practical other methods are also fine.   Maybe another option would be to modify one of the photo modules within the Market to add this functionality?

Anyone interested please contact me to discuss possibilities and pricing.  Thank you.

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