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Advanced search and matchmaking


I am planning to build a new version of my elderly community in D7.

The site have been in use in DK, SE and NO from 1999 – 2003 and from 2003-now only in DK. The site is to some extend well known with users in my small country.

The old site is coded in .asp. I have not really done something to the site since 2005 and a lot of things is not working optimal anymore.( I am not a programmer )

The functionality for the users will the categories of interest in regards to sparetime jobs ( like a datingprofile ( they can have both “need help” categories and “looking for help” categories in their profiles though ) and then they will be matched, be searchable and so on within the categories.

Also sliders/carousels and match mails will show the matches to users.

The site will run in DK, SE, NO and UK/US languages for starters and the geographic scope for the site should be everyone hos master one of these languages as the geo matching would be globe wide.

I am considering to use D7 in order to use what is relevant from the CMS and have the rest made as modules coded against the CMS.

The site has to do complete matchmaking between users in a number of categories within spare time jobs. Also considering to implement categories like sports partners, hobbies and may homework help for school kids and students or other categories that the users choose to associate with something that you might have periphery help to from friends friends or things that you would post on the supermarkets boards with stickers ( ads writtin on paper and placed on a )

The user should also be searchable from within these categories and a number of other criteria’s like, gender, age and home address (city and country)

Also the search options should include, age, gender, country, city ( maps ) job categories, subcategories and so on.

Geomatch and geosearch is essential from a map. Country, city, zip code and even address if the user chooses the specific address public.

Also the site need a horizontal filter search like the one here at Odesk. But a map like on the filter search on will also be needed.

A lot of Ajax would be necessary I think.

Mail notifications and matchmails for users. Some for the users to control others by admin.

There will be sorked out an detailed PID initiating and describing the project and you will be presented to this when we have looked into the potential opportunities.

Please contact if any interest in this project. 

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