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Auction Module

I'm mainly just looking for a quote at this stage, but pretty keen to get moving on it if the price is right.  


I'm wanting members to have the ability to create their own auctions, add pictures, videos, modify layout etc. Add auction as feature, add tags/keywords, set reserve price, buy now, add to watch list, save searches, receive search alerts via email or notification. Notification for auction nearing end & out-bid.  Ability to pay using a payment gateway and paypal.  Ability to sell multiple quantities of an item.  Search function would be based on a tag system where you could add & remove tag filters, searching multiple categories and exclude those that are irrelevant - some sort of nice ajaxy thing.  Search view could be "list view" with single photo and small description or "gallery style" view - with current bid price, buy now, item name, location and postage.  Must be able to sort by highest/lowest current price/buy now price /incl postage.

Members should be able to log in and post questions to seller and seller can reply. Seller can have the option of displaying the messages or not.  


What I'd like to be able to do is to allow members to create "similar" auctions - easy create auctions.  Seller can set multiple postage types and amounts as options, incl. free pick-up.  


Members should be able to view how many page views the item has had, look at multiple pictures, be able to zoom in on pictures.


Admin Panel should be able to create standard templates for auction types such as electronics should be able to add specific details like make, model, specifications, new/used condition etc.  Admin should also be able to create categories, tags, locations etc.

Admin can remove auctions ban members.


Members should also be able to be "verified" by paying a membership fee.  They should also be able to see purchase history and place short feedback about sellers & purchasers - 5 star or thumbs up/down and brief statement.


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