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Birthday gift module

I'd like an improved gifts module allowing members to purchase real pre-approved gifts for their friends on their birthdays / special occasions. For example, on you dashboard,youll see upcoming birthdays just like Facebook. When you click the persons name, they'll be a block stating which "location" your friend plans on going for his/her birthday. There members can purchase gifts ex: drink gift cards, or add money to a bottle service fund. Now the fundraiser you might think can worm for this even andrewps gifts mod. But reality is as a site owner, I'd like control of these funds via paypal API transactions. For example, the site located at wouldbhave a Plan Your Party feature. We as administration work on pre negotiated packages with local venues and businesses. Members withbupcoming birthdaysbcan then choose a location and it's packages, or request new location while our Splurgin Business Representaives negotiate the deals. Imagine if you woke up morning of your birthday and you had VIP bottle service as well as left over 34 drink tickets certificate for the venue you were planning on attending. Now that has a waybbetter meaning than a simple Facebook happy birthday comment orne gift. Now of course each of these certificates will have to have unique codes / serial #s to prevent duplicate use, but I've seen several mods already capable of doing so. All these funds would go into the siteowners account via payment gateways, and and they'll even be able to use Anton lvs points if they have enough and or pay the difference with online payment. The legal part I have in order of handling business monies and deals, itsbthe actual software module I'll need help with. If all goes well, can prosper into an amazing events website that allows you to splurge on your friends. Its also a new way to attract business to venues. When dozens of members actually purchase gifts for a friends birthday that they can instantly redeem. It excites to actually attend the event themselves and spend money, instead of just receive an annoying Facebook invite. Also the future possibility of locationizaion and social niches can dramatically prosper from this small idea. I'm based outnof new York and ready for immediate work. Partnership opportunities also available. Email or call or text 718-581-3622 to begin Thank you John Joseph Splurgin INC.
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