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Boonex-Dolphin Login, Join, and SMS newsletter



1) Login:

When a user select the login button, we want a popup to show with the login form.

The user can simple enter their username and password or they can connect using the social media connect buttons to the right.

We are hoping to us this module to perform this task with this module:

2) Join:

When a user clicks on the join button, we want a join form to pop up in a lightbox.

We want a simple form but want the user to either fill in the form or connect there social media account.

There should also two check boxes. One is for the terms and conditions while the other is for us to add them to the newsletter email and daily motivator email distribution

The join backend should use this module:

3) Daily Motivator:

There are two ways a user can use the daily motivator directly,

The user can click on the to navigation that is located in the file
A user can add their email to Daily motivator email field on the Daily motivator Block on the index page or they can click on the “I prefer a text messge” link on the Daily motivator block on the index page.
How it works:

We want their email go to the default newsletter management in the admin panel. However, all text numbers should be collected in a new DB table and should we want to add an extra function in the admin panel to send mass texts.

In text module should use a text messaging service API to send out texts from the admin. Below is the link to the service API

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