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Create an automatic donation to charity when a member is verified

I am currently using modzzz verified module which works well.  In order to encourage members to sign up and use this function I will donate $5 to a charity of the member's choice (selected from 10 or so charities that I have pre-selected).  I would like this to be automated and integrated into the verified member module.  I also want to offer the option of them getting an electronic gift card to Starbucks, iTunes, or Amazon instead of donating to one of the 10 charities.


Edit: Clarification on job

This is how I want it to work:

  1. A person signs up or is already a member of the site.
  2. They go to the Member Verification page.
  3. They select a photo of themselves with their code.
  4. They select their charity or gift card of their choice.
    1. If charity is selected they select if they would like to be included on donations page.
      1. If they want to be included on the donations page they check the block for if they would like it to show by username, full name, or both and if they want the name of charity to be displayed.
  5. They click the submit button.

I am OK doing it two ways after step 5, automated or manual from my end.

If automated:

  1. When an admin verifies their photo, a payment will be automatically sent the charity that they have selected or a gift card will be created for the site that they choose.
  2. They will receive an e-mail to their personal e-mail account with the confirmation of the donation to their charity, or they receive an e-mail with their e-gift card code.

If manual:

  1. When an admin verifies the photo, a record is maintained of member choices.  At the end of the month I will send a check to the charity.

 I'd like a active running counter showing donations (like a telethon) that ticks up every time a member is verified

I'd like everything to be tracked in some sort of database.

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