xue_ze_fengModificationmodification, upgrades, customOpen budget1 bids$210 average bid11th of September 2011

Click avatar to open chat window


I want a custom mod below:

User A and User B

1. When A loggined and click B's avatar to open chat window not B's profile page.

2. When A not loggined and click B's avatar to open window say "Please input your name to chat with B". After input the name click "go" to open chat window to chat with B.

3. When B is offline , A loggined and click B's avatar to open chat window(A can leave message with the chat window) and say a system message "The user now is offline, will not reply you rapidly, you can send her/him a mail".

3. on chat window, When A click "user's video" or "user's sounds" button open the page in a new blank window, not the chat window itself.

If this can be achieved, I will pay for you.




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