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Customization of dolphin



Following is a brief outline of custom requirements and I would like to discuss what are already availlable in dolphin, available plugins and amount of custom development required. When you reply please mention links to your previous work.


We need to design a user-friendly website to share knowledge among a specific community. The community is a group of groups. Each group should should have a subsite.

One of the most important features required is online realtime streaming for the purposes of member training.  This could either broadcast (one sender, many receivers) or video conferencing.

It should contain a registry of group and group members.

Group leaders (a user level), and higher level users should be able to monitor group user activities and subuser levels assigned to them.

Home page of the main site should contain links to group sites , group blogs, etc.

There should be a downloads section.

There should be a SEO friendly blog features, it should be possible to  post blogs in groups as well,

It should be possible for group users to see activities of other groups’ users.

Group members should be able to create ‘projects’. In each project group members can perform all site activities /content sharing. In addition to that higher user levels also should be able to monitor group activities. Project commenting and reviewing should be allowed to higher level users. There should be a way for authorized users to accredit projects. Additionally depending on requirements it should be allowed to generate Certificates for the different user level of groups projects (PDF).

It should be possible, create/register energy clubs, enroll members to groups, add/update projects,blog articles, comments and approval, activate/deactivate/add/update users, typical user administration functionalities.

Facility should be there for admins to send messages to all users, groups under specific admin, etc.

There should be an event calendar in home page.

The site and features should be responsive mobile compatible as much as possible.

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