PapikDesigndesign, payment, modification$300-5000 bids$0 average bid4th of September 2016

Best Designer & Programmer required for redesign of our website - Urgent

We are using php, html and some smarty code for our site and although the functionalties are ok, we need a "new face" for the site. New design, simple but yet effective and also responsive for mobile devices..

It should be very similar to thumbtack or similar type of website working with it providers and companies (or individual) searching for them. We can arrange a timeline, start the process and refine it as we go.-

This is required urgently.-

Skills required:  

                         -Be able to work with LAMP

                         -Be able to test and modify Payment Gateways API's (mostly Paypal & Skrill but others too)

                         -Proficient in PHP, smarty, HTML, CSS etc.-

                         -Be able to document correctly each program and process

I can give you more details.

Please contact us by PM sending your portfolios, work examples etc.- 




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