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Developing a new project module for Dolphin Platform

we want to develop a new project module for Dolphin SNS 

function list :

1.a project can be create,edit, delete, pend 

2.the project can be scheduled, and and show its progress 

3.the project's content including : title, body(rich editor tool), uploaded photo, file,link,video,audio,tag,google map location .... these content will be showed in a sub-tab named showcase by sort
3.1 the project can be measured with flexible conditions by radar chart 
3.2 the project can list join conditions from 

4.the project can invite friend or member to join thru email or social sharing button like facebook

5.the project can define members' level of accessing (sometime login into porject is needed)

6.the project can be messaged, commented, ranked, favorite, referral, 

7. the project can has its fans and teamwork partner, sponsor, ... different levels' socialrelationship (flexible),partner, sponsor can hide themselves from the project if they want 

8.the project can be published into a market for hiring a potential partner who is interested in it like a job, potential partner can attach his ready-made condition object from his skill list and resume,then apply this project like applying a job 

9. partners in the same project can testimony and rank each other 

10. partners of project can spy and follow the project's progress on common secret project wall, like discuss, sharing, 

11. partners of project has a common schedule in secret

12.user profile can show his whole list of projects by sort of failure, progressing, pending .... ,projects content can be quick-viewed within list 

13.user profile can show his showcase by sort tabs of project, photo,video,files,blog .... showcase's works can be commented ,ranked ,shared, favorited....

14.user can write a blog for profile or project

15.projects or users or showcase can be searched by sort tabs of keywords,tab, category, featured, most viewed, the newest, finished, most shared, most ranked 

16.sponsor can donate a project

17. sponsor's Ad. or merchandise of shop can automatically show on user's right side like google Ad. by matching users request's background 

18.project can be rewarded by ready-made referral module system

19.project can be shared everywhere by pasting iframe code box with quick-viewed tabs

20.project's supplier can offer merchandise for user in market (ready-made shop module, but only applying a supplier status can sell merchandise ) 

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